"James Quinn knows how to provide good service and will take care of his clients to make sure they are satisfied. Quinn Plastering is the first number I call when we need a quality plastering or stucco contractor." Nathan Gruenwald / Owner / Greenforest Builders

"When building a new home or working on a re-model Quinn Plastering is the only company I use. As a general contractor I know that you only get one shot at a perfect stucco application and I know I can trust James and his crew to do a great job. I have been a general contractor working in San Francisco for the last six years and James has worked on an average of five projects a year for me. All my clients have been very happy with James's work and I often take new clients to previously completed projects to show his finishes. I have hired Quinn Plastering for all size's of projects from stuccing all four sides of a new building to smaller jobs like patching around a window. His guys take there time to properly protect the area where they are working and leave a nice clean jobsite, which is very important in my business as in most cases people are living in their homes as we are working on them." Paul Mc Atamney / General Contractor / Kilrea Construction

"I have been almost exclusively using Quinn plastering for many years. They deliver a good looking finish product in a timely manner at a competitive rate. When I hire James I know my stucco needs are met and I have one less thing to worry about. His team takes good care of the environment they work in protecting floors, walls, windows and anything that needs to be protected. When we had scheduling issues due to weather, neighborhood related delays or just complexly phased projects James stayed on board and worked with me to create a schedule that will work for both of us. Lastly, if find James to be a genuinely nice guy who I enjoy working with." Alek Juretic / Principal / Citidev, Inc